About us

Dear Distributor

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We wish you the blessings from our Lord and hope you are doing fine.

We are thankful to God that we are still able to do the work of the literature ministry. We praise God for the lives of all our distributors, which are doing a great work in winning souls. Thank you very much for being a soul winner.

Distribution of Christian has been sending tracts and literature to West Africa for more than 20 year. Since 2003 our Ministry is registered in Ghana and a West Africa Headquarter has been established in Accra. The work has grown in the last years so that we using around 7000 kg of literature a year, a big part being printed in Ghanas and the rest shipped to West Africa.

During the last few years the cost of postage, printing and distribution has increased a lot. And so we are organizing us to work in Ghana and Nigeria, minimising transport costs as much as possible.

Literature – and how we are working in Ghana and Nigeria

  • Printing: A basic assortment of tracts is being printed in Ghana now. Some more titles are sent from Switzerland. See the attached list for the tracts available in West Africa at present.

  • Distribution: Basically the tracts are only given out to registered distributors and a free will contribution is welcomed. NT’s and gospels only in limited numbers for evangelism. Bibles are not provided (they are available in local book shops and Bible societies).

  • Organisation of Distribution: The West Africa Office «Nour-ul-’Alam Mission» in Accra will be in charge of the whole distribution in Ghana and for the delivery of literature to Nigeria.

We are trusting God, that he will continue to enable all of us to work together for the advancement of his kingdom.

Thank you for your kind collaboration and your prayers. May the Lord bless you.

Distribution of Christian Literature, Switzerland

International Director
Rev. Peter Kunz